Menstrual Matters media fact sheet

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Media Coverage

Stylist Magazine– 5 Oct 2019- Robyn Wilder- “Period leave: Would it help women in the workplace – or hold us back?” – Article about some of the pros and cons of the concept of ‘menstrual leave’.


The Blobcast Podcast – 7 Nov 2018- “How Menstrual Myths and Taboos Help to Perpetuate Gender Inequalities” – live podcast event, recording now available on iTunes. at 25.00 – 43.30


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Vice – 27 Apr 2018- Natasha Preskey-“When the Rare Birth Control Pill Side Effect Happens to You“- Article about the lesser known side-effects of contraceptive medications.




BBC Radio Foyle (Northern Ireland)- 27 Sep 2016- Mark Patterson show- Discussion re Menstrual Leave- at 01:18:18 – 01:26:15


audioboom_newsBBC Radio London– 23 Sep 2016- Drive Time with Eddie Nestor- Discussion re Menstrual Leave- at 36:34 – 46:22


bbc_radio_5_live-svgBBC Radio 5 Live– 23 Sep 2016- Emma Barnett Programme- Discussion re Menstrual Leave- at 01:52:25 – 02:00:00



King, Sally. (Forthcoming- 2021) ‘Menstrual leave; good intention, bad solution’ chapter in “Gender, Health, Safety and Wellbeing” as part of the Aligning Perspectives in Health, Safety and Wellbeing book series to be published by Sage ( )

King, Sally. (Forthcoming- 2020) ‘Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and the myth of the irrational female’ chapter in The Handbook of Critical Menstruation Studies Palgrave Macmillan: New York

King, Sally. (2017) What counts as a premenstrual symptom? Exploring contradictory medical definitions of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) As presented at the SMCR (Society for Menstrual Cycle Research) conference, Atlanta G.A. 21-23rd June, 2017

King, Sally. (2017)  Menstrual Leave: a much needed OH benefit or a threat to gender equality in the workplace? Occupational Health at Work Journal Vol 13:5 pp 35-36