12 April 2017.
Manufactured by - Nature's Best

Iodine is recommended as a highly effective treatment for cyclical breast pain*.

*Kessler JH. (2004) ‘The effect of supraphysiologic levels of iodine on patients with cyclic mastalgia’. Breast J. Jul-Aug;10(4):328-36. PubMed PMID: 15239792

However, too much Iodine can be harmful to the thyroid gland, so DO NOT EXCEED 0.5 mg daily, unless your doctor advises this.

Kelp has long been a rich, natural source of the trace mineral iodine and Nature’s Best supplement supplies a carefully controlled level of this precious mineral, sourced from clean, unpolluted waters.

Menstrual Matters recommends this product because Nature’s Best is a UK-based company that is well-known for its high quality and affordable products. 

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